3 Reasons Your Site Needs to be Mobile Friendly

Did you know that the average adult in America spends THREE hours a day on their mobile device?

Not only that, but 69% of internet users prefer to search for reviews on their phone as opposed to approaching an employee in the store. Let’s be honest, the results of this statistic sound staggering but how often have you done this? If I don’t see an employee around or I feel as if I’ll be bothersome, I quickly pull out my phone and do a quick search for the product I’m deciding on.

Two-thirds of internet users utilize some sort of shopping app on their mobile device.

A little over half of web traffic comes from mobile phones.

And if all of this wasn’t enough to convince you, 70% of time spent on digital media is actually spent on smartphones.

(All of the above statistics come from https://www.oberlo.com/blog/mobile-usage-statistics.)

Let’s dive a little deeper into developing your site into a more mobile-friendly site and the reasons for doing so.

Having A Mobile-Friendly Site is Convenient for Customers

Your customers are using their phones to research your site and find your product or services. If you want to be competitive with other businesses, you’re going to have to step up. Not offering a mobile-friendly site can be the determine factor between someone choosing you or someone else.

When I’m in the store trying to decide between two products, my routine goes a little something like this:

I type in product #1 on google, look at the number of reviews and how many ratings it has. Then I do the same for product #2. My next step is to research the ingredient differences and why they make a difference in each product. These aren’t typical questions that an employee can always answer but most of the time, I can find this information all within 5-10 minutes. If a blog site that I’m researching is not mobile-friendly, I’m not going to spend the time researching that particular product and go with option #2.

When I’m searching which nail salon or hair salon to make an appointment with, I focus on the page’s loading time, ease of access, and whether or not I’m having to dig to find their phone number or contact information. That being said, it’s also important to ensure your site is responsive. If it takes longer than 3 seconds to load a page, most mobile users will exit out of your site.

Here’s a great way to see if your site is mobile friendly.

Deciding between products, services, and shops can be stressful. A quick mobile search can be the determining factor for many customers.

Having a Mobile-Friendly Site Builds Trust

If your site is not easily accessed and is poorly designed on a phone, online users will not recommend your place of business. Having a mobile friendly site shows that you care about even the seemingly small details of your business. It shows that you care that potential customers get a clear view of you who are and what you provide.

Building trust is essential for running a business. Without trust, you have no loyal customers. Without trust, you aren’t attracting new customers. Without loyal customers and without new customers, your business will flop and you won’t even be a part of the competition with others.

Making it easy for customers to contact you is also vital to increasing their trust. Make sure that you have your phone number and contact information clearly visible and easily accessible on your site. Pretend you’re a new customer wanting to visit your site with the intention of calling. How quickly can you find that information? If I’m having to dig through three pages to find your number, I’m already exiting out and finding a different business.

Having a Mobile-Friendly Site Increases Visibility

You can reach more people with a mobile-friendly site. Not everyone has a computer but most people have a phone.

Create posts worth sharing. This increases your visibility even more by allowing for your content to be shared across social media platforms. Sometimes the best form of communication is through social media. We trust our friend’s opinions when they have purchased a product or service from you. Simple word of mouth from someone we trust is extremely valuable. Increasing your visibility allows for more people to share your site more freely.

People enjoy visiting sites that have posts worth sharing. Most people love sharing their experiences and comments on a post. This not only makes your site convenient and easy to use but also a genuinely fun experience.

Your Next Step

I provided the link above to check the status of your own site’s mobile-friendliness. If it’s not, take the necessary steps to improve this. Perhaps this will mean hiring someone to design your site. Maybe you’ll have to purchase a domain so that your site is easier to share by word of mouth. If you need help deciding your next step of action for creating a mobile friendly site, contact me. I offer free consultations to help get you started on your next steps to success.

My goal is to help you grow your business. Are you ready?

Utilizing Marketing and Advertising

Let’s explore the differences between marketing and advertising to dive into how we can utilize both as a team for your business.

It is so important for businesses to understand how they go hand in hand. When you tie the two together, this is where positive outcomes occur. Both have the same goal: to draw people to either a service or a product. Understanding the distinctions between the two can ultimately help you expand your business.

Advertising is part of marketing. 

Marketing contains several components that contribute to the success of a business. 


When you embark on a marketing journey, you are researching and creating ways to find the best way to approach a specific audience with a specific service or product. Marketing can actually help to showcase the product better than the product itself showcases itself. 

Marketing is understanding the customer’s needs and deciding which direction to go in order to fulfill these needs. Advertising is the promotion of a business through advocating.
The term marketing encompasses several different components. Marketing contains advertising. It contains customer support. It is public relations. Marketing is the backbone of a business’s success. To market towards a customer is to reach into the customer’s atmosphere, challenge their perspective, make them feel welcomed, and introduce a product or service that they need. 

When someone decides to do marketing, they must understand the level of research that will be involved with understanding the audience, their language, and the best form of communication to influence an audience. Embarking on a marketing journey means making a conscious decision to understand the audience: how they think, the different lifestyles they may have, or the different needs they have.

Marketing almost utilizes a bit of psychology and empathy. Not only should you be aiming to achieve more sales or clients, you should also aim to look at any biases consumers may have, what inspires them and motivates them to purchase an item or pursue a particular service, what colors encourage people to buy more or feel more at peace with these decisions? All of these components play a role in marketing that are often overlooked.


Now, what is advertising? 
To advertise is to make a product known to the audience. Advertising is the physical act of showcasing a product or service. One may use a variety of media in the process of advertising: radio, Facebook ads, television, etc. To effectively reach all levels of audiences, different forms of advertising may be used. Advertising is one way communication: you are putting your message out to the audience.

Advertising is absolutely essential to a business. This is where you are able to create your own branding as a company and drive more loyal customers. Advertising allows you to create true ownership of your business as you drive in sales reaching a wider audience.


Advertising is essential for marketing. Marketing takes a product and gets it ready for the marketplace. Advertising is the actual act of preparing your product or service. Advertising actually should use the data that you hopefully collected in the process of marketing. 
Advertising is the creative approach to reaching an audience. Marketing is the science behind the process. If your business is lacking in marketing, it’s hard to advertise for your business effectively. 
If you’re struggling with this process of connecting your advertising with marketing, let me help you. Your business is worth the investment. I will connect the marketing equation to effectively bring you an advertising process that will in turn lead to profit for your business. 
That’s what we’re here for. Profit Chatter, we’re here to make life easier for you while increasing your profits.