Like many working mothers, I dreamed of a day where I could quit my day job in order to spend more quality time with my family. I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart so I tried my hand at many businesses. I actually did quite well in the moments where I put my heart into my business. However, I quickly realized that in order to get out of my 8-5 job, I would have to make drastic changes. These drastic changes would have to be made by creating a business that I loved while helping others increase their own business. 

I went to school for Psychology and Communications. I got my Bachelor’s in both. And while my degrees allowed me to learn more about the science behind marketing, what goes on in someone’s mind when they read advertisment, what goes on in human minds in general, etc. my biggest desire was to create my own business rather than to fall into a corporate career. 

I have studied the influence of advertising, marketing, and social media since college. I have learned that many companies are not growing simply because they do not have the knowledge and delegation to do the background work that drives customers into their circle. 

I started and quit businesses, not out of failure but because I lacked the knowledge and passion to make them grow. Through my experience as a would-be entrepreneur, I have learned what it takes to become an actual entrepreneur in order to assist others in their journey.

If you’re interested in allowing me to help you increase your own profits in your business, contact me and let’s get started. ​

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